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Machined and Extruded Rod, Cast Nylon Rod, Nylon Sheet, Nylon Bush, Nylon Strip, Molded Parts, Engineering Parts, square Rod, Nylon MoS2 Rod and Sheet - in Black, Green and Blue color

Nylon has excellent physical and mechanical properties, some of the outstanding

Characteristics are as follows.
-- Reduction in weight
-- Self lubricating
-- Shock resistance
-- Improved dimensional stability
-- Vibration damping performance
-- High wear and abrasion resistance
-- Noise reduction
-- High Service temperature
-- High tensile and compressive strengths

  Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is light, strong, having resistance to chemicals & with a low friction surface, all of which make it ideal as a replacement for wood or metal which are the materials traditionally used. PP is a high corrosion resistant material, which exhibits excellent tensile strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures.

-- PP Round and Square Rod
-- PP Sheet
-- PP Profiles
-- PP Bush & Molding Parts

  Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

-- PVC Rod
-- Sheet
-- Extruded Profiles
-- Molding Parts

Some of the outstanding characteristics of Rods and Sheets are as Follows.

-- Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
-- Excellent impact strength
-- Excellent Formability
-- Low Flammability
-- High rigidity and Superior Strength
-- Reliable electrical insulation

  High Density Poly Ethylene (PE-HDPE)

HDPE is a FDA Approved material of the highest quality with excellent impact resistance.
HDPE has high tensile strength, low moisture absorption and is chemical and corrosion resistant. It is a light weight material that is non-toxic and non-staining and used in a variety of applications and industries.

-- HDPE Round and Square Rod
-- HDPE Seet
-- HDPE Tube
-- HDPE Strip

  Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene   (UHMW-PE)

-- Highest impact strength
-- Highly resistant to corrosive chemicals
-- Extremely low moisture absorption
-- Low coefficient of friction
-- Self - lubricating
-- Highly resistant to abrasion
-- UHMW Rod
-- UHMW Sheet
-- UHMW Strip
-- UHMW Engineering products
-- UHMW Molding Parts


-- PTFE Rod
-- Sheet
-- Tube
-- Pipe
-- V-Seal
-- Bush
-- O-ring
-- Sealing Ring
-- Bellow
-- Gaskets


  Filled Grades of PTFE

Inorganic fillers such as glass, carbon, graphite, bronze are added to PTFE to improve its mechanical and wear properties. All products mentioned here are available in filled grades of PTFE. Glass Filled PTFE, Carbon Filled PTFE, Graphite Filled PTFE, Bronze Filled PTF.


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